Transform Your Emotional Eating, Binge Eating, and Lifelong Dieting and Make Eating Simple Again Without Tracking, Dieting, Weight Watching, or Obsessing About Food! 
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Diet Freedom University is a proven step-by-step "how-to" online course to develop a normal, balanced, easy, loving relationship with food that leads to sustainable weight loss and a life fueled by FREEDOM instead of diets, weight, and food obsessions!
Once You Join DFU You Will...
  • ​Transform your food desires from shameful to peaceful so you can eat what you want and feel great about it
  • ​Stop avoiding people, situations, or foods and freely live your life in balance and be fully present with the people you love 
  • ​​Remove toxic thinking about food all the time and restore eating to be simple and joyful again, or perhaps for the first time
  • Step off the diet-binge-in-control-out-of control roller coaster, for good!
  • ​Have mental space and energy to pursue your wants and dreams that have been on pause
  • ​Shift your negative, over-critical, bullying mind to be your greatest ally about food and self
  • ​Wake up each day knowing with 100% confidence that food won't be a struggle
  • ​​Remove the "all-out-or-nothing" mentality surrounding your daily eating 
  • ​​Restore trust in yourself and your body to know when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat
  • ​Naturally gravitate towards eating healthy foods because you WANT to not because you  "should" or "have" to
  • ​Boost your personal and metabolic power to achieve and sustain your natural weight effortlessly, and feel empowered in the process!
  • ​Confidently eat "bad foods" without losing control
  • ​​Stop being afraid of food or gaining weight if you're not "perfect" with your eating
  • ​Regain your confidence and authentic self. No more secrets, guilt, or shame.
End the War with Food
Ditch the tracking, dieting, weight watching, medications, and giving up your favorite foods! It's time to get to the root of your challenges, remove the toxic baggage, and rebuild a normal, nourishing, joyful relationship with food! 
Take Action (Finally)
"I know I'm doing it, I want to stop it, but I don't know how or where to start". I get it. This course will be your North Star and provide you step-by-step instructions to help you finally take proactive action!
Eat What You Love
Learn to eat what you love and love what you eat without guilt, shame, restriction, fear of weight gain or bingeing, and where choosing nourishing foods for your body comes natural.
Stop Yo-Yo Dieting
No more yo-yo-ing back and forth between "in control" and "out of control" and losing and gaining the same weight. Reach and maintain your natural weight without it feeling forced by getting to the root issues.
Re-Wire Your Brain
Clean house of all the head games, information overload, and toxic thinking and beliefs about yourself, body, and food and re-wire your brain to be your greatest ally with food, self, and life. 
Start Living Your Life
Stop draining your valuable life energy. Take that life force that goes into worry, perfectionism, self attack, anxiety about eating, and use it to create the life you came here to live!
Your step-by-step curriculum that guides you specifically HOW to transform your relationship with food. Video and audible formatted trainings packed with insight, strategies, practices, and action plans you can apply to your most challenging eating behaviors. 
$1,997 VALUE
To help you save time, money, and make your transformation as easy as possible, for each area of your training we've put together lesson overviews, transcripts, supportive handouts, and more to SAVE YOU TIME and reach your goals faster! 
$499 VALUE
When you need it most, you can lean on the support of fellow students and coaches in our private, client-only Facebook support group. Support and communication is extremely important to your success!
$ 499 VALUE
Recordings from Shelby's Diet Freedom Advanced Small Group personal coaching program that are PACKED with golden nuggets you can immediately apply to your unique situation.
$599 VALUE
So you can take your time, not rush, and revisit any trainings or tap into support at any time as you continue to practice what you are learning. You'll also receive additional bonus trainings and any future trainings!
$1,500 VALUE
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Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee

You literally have nothing to lose! DFU will 100% work If you continue to practice (without aiming for perfection!) and take a little time every week or every other week tuning into the training. If you decide the program isn't a good fit for you, we will refund your money!
The Curriculum to Losing the Mental and Emotional Weight Around Food

 Area 01: Foundational Concepts

 Area 01: Foundational Concepts

Powerful lessons to lay the all-important groundwork for breakthroughs  to happen and for true change to take a hold. We'll take a close look at what is happening psychologically and physically when you enter a restrictive, overeating, or mindful eating cycle, along with: 
  • ​Key principles to bringing consciousness and pause to any unwanted eating behavior
  • ​How to see your eating challenges in a whole new light
  • Take big leaps into understanding WHY you are eating when you eat in the first place

 Area 02: Trust Your Body Again

 Area 02: Trust Your Body Again

Finally know when and how often YOU should be eating instead of following marching orders from some diet rule or phone app! My clients feel freedom from this section and are able to let go of the annoying analytics simply by re-connecting with their body wisdom, and you can too! A few highlights:
  • ​Strategies to relearn how to listen, re-engage, and trust your hunger cues 
  • ​Tools to help you navigate through triggers or head hunger versus true hunger
  • Introduction to toxic nutritional thoughts and beliefs and their hidden power behind your relationship with food

 Area 03: Overcoming Triggers

 Area 03: Overcoming Triggers

Many times you know you eat because you're bored, you're sad, you're overwhelmed, but lack the application steps. In this fascinating lesson plan you'll come away with with a deeper understanding of triggers, our inborn need for pleasure, and practical approaches to handling triggers. Highlights include:
  • ​Strategies to bring awareness and action to unwanted eating due to triggers
  • ​ Stress and its affect on your metabolic potential, weight loss, and digestion
  • ​A bigger understanding on overeating, binge eating, and why we crave food

 Area 04: Overcoming Triggers II

 Area 04: Overcoming Triggers II

A second deep dive into triggers. This time we take the specifics up a notch so you'll be a trigger crushing expert and not only relax around food but even keep those "forbidden" foods in the house again without worrying you'll pull a Ben & Jerry's binge-a-thon. Some highlights include:
  • ​Simple and complex strategies to meet unmet needs that trigger you to eat
  • ​Mastering your top specific environmental, emotional, or physical triggers
  • ​Pulling it all together when it comes to managing your triggers, personal needs, and eating for the long-haul

 Area 05: Toxic Thinking & Mindset

 Area 05: Toxic Thinking & Mindset

Toxic thinking that involves negativity, fear, self attack, self hate, self criticism, scarcity thinking, anxiety, depression all are connected to our eating patterns. One of the most important factors to healing your relationship with food is to understand how to harness your brain's toxic nutritional beliefs. Highlights include:
  • ​Finding the places in your thinking that are holding you back
  • ​How to re-wire your brain to be your biggest ally
  • ​Understanding the connection between thoughts, emotions, and habits and how to truly change unwanted habits once and for all.

 Area 06: Finally Know What To Eat!

 Area 06: Finally Know What To Eat!

The gazillion dollar question: "What should I be eating?" Get your answer in this section and learn to eat what you love without guilt and become the expert at eating what you both want and need for your body that feels natural, and without giving up your favorite foods:
  • ​Overcoming fears about "forbidden foods" and making peace with them again
  • ​How to find balance between eating for nourishment and pleasure
  • ​How-to strategies to help you decide "what do I eat?" with confidence rather than guilt, doubt, or shame

 Area 07: Find Pleasure in Eating Again

 Area 07: Finding Pleasure in Food Again

Relax into your eating and...wait for it...actually ENJOY what you're eating too! So often we love food but yet we eat like we can't wait to get it over with! Build long-term skills to help you lessen the fear, stress, speed, distraction, and mindlessness around food, even foods you have overeaten or binged on in the past! Highlights include:
  • ​Strategies for eating with intention and attention that don't feel forced
  • ​A deeper understanding to mindful eating
  • ​Strategies to help you slow down your eating to achieve optimal satisfaction, digestion, and increase metabolism

 Area 08: How Much Should I Eat?

 Area 08: How Much Should I Eat?

Another gazillion dollar question: "How much should I be eating?" Only your body and metabolism can tell us that! At last! Learn how much you need to eat and stop eating when you've had enough without it feeling forced! Even walk away from a meal with food on your plate without guilt about the starving children in [country]. 
  • ​Strategies and practices to help you with overeating and speed eating
  • ​Zoning in on body connection and fullness cues
  • ​Dissecting a binge or overeating episode

 Area 09: Stop Dieting, Start LIVING

 Area 09: Stop Dieting, Start LIVING

Think about what we could do with all the energy you put into anxiety about your body, weight, and food if you were to put that back into your life? It's time to do just that: appreciating, loving, being, traveling, socializing, dating, setting goals OTHER than weight, the sky is the limit to where you can reinvest back into your life. 
  • How to stop draining your valuable life energy
  • ​Tap into your spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, self-care needs
  • ​A new view of how to continue mindful living!

 Inspiring & Educational Video Trainings
Powerful video trainings containing step-by-step strategies and practical coaching techniques that combine results-oriented psychology, clinical nutrition, body-centered practices, mind body science, practices, and thought-provoking exercises to help you transform your relationship with food. 
 30-min Private Coaching Session with Shelby
Receive a complimentary 30-minute 1:1 session with Shelby with your enrollment in Diet Freedom University! Be prepared for this to be an eye opening session. An a la carte session with Shelby is rarely offered so you definitely want to take advantage!

 Plenty of Helpful Resources
Additional resources including bonus videos, downloadable handouts, suggested homework assignments, and worksheets are provided to reinforce your learning experience. You can keep these resources as a great refresher for down the road too!

 A Private Online Community
Support and community are so important to your healing and recovery, which is why you will have access to Shelby's client-only private Facebook group. Connect with like-minded others, ask questions, and share insights and stories. Even if you don't have a FB account, it's worth creating one to have access to this community.

  Access Past Call Recordings
A handful of coaching call recordings from Shelby's personal coaching program will be made available to you. You'll pick up a lot of golden nuggets from these calls that you will not find in the course training that will help you take even bigger leaps forward with your eating!
 Robyn L
 "I am forever grateful..."

This program is so worth every penny. I can’t express how life changing it is. I am such a different person now and not just with food, but in other aspects of my life. I have relationships with people that I never had time for and I realize how important it is now. I was missing out on so much, on truly living!
I am forever grateful to Shelby, you know what you are doing and you transform lives.  
Emily E
 "No more counting macros!"

GOD I AM SO GLAD I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT COUNTING ANOTHER MACRO OR FOLLOWING SOME RIDICULOUS MEAL PLAN OR INTENSE WORKOUT!!! And I know for a fact that I don't have to worry about ever getting myself into that situation again because I am learning the tools I need to eat without those ridiculous restrictions! I can't thank you enough for the tools you've given me! 
Jaime F
"Redefined my relationship with food"

If I could give everyone a gift this year, it would be a few months to work with Shelby McDaniel. She is truly inspiring and helped me completely redefine my relationship with food and my body image. The help she provides is worth every penny!
Shawn the fitness guru secretly struggled behind the scenes with binge eating, painful food and exercise obsessions, and a negative relationship with food since the 8th grade. Now for the first time in his life he’s actually enjoying eating and food is no longer controlling him!
For years Liz tried losing weight through restrictive eating and over exercising, leaving her body taxed, her mind thinking about food 24/7, and feeling shameful about her body and self. Today she is free from obsession and living her life as a spiritual coach!
"This is the happiest I've been in 30 years"... Laini's journey to eliminate emotional eating, hit the reset button with food and find her true self again! Oh-AND she we from a size 16 to a size 12 in 12 weeks :)"
Kim feels like a completely different person! "I only WISH I could accurately illustrate the mental, emotional weight I have lost on this journey! Man, that would be impressive before and after pic."
Jamie was a busy mom, worked full time, and struggled with emotional eating and balance in her life. Today she is finding joy in healthy eating, Losing weight, putting herself first, and enjoying the simple things in life many take for granted..
2016 Olympic Rio Games swimmer Kat Simonovic struggled with a toxic mentality about food and struggled with binge eating. Today Kat feels at peace with food and body and found joy again in her exercise!
About Shelby McDaniel
A wellness authority and supportive mentor, for over 16 years Shelby has helped thousands of clients lose weight, develop skill sets to better manage their daily nutrition and empower individuals to make lasting changes in their eating behaviors and lifestyle.   

Shelby's extensive educational background gives her specific skill sets to help clients with any goal, from mentoring clients to eliminate binge eating, emotional eating or food obsessions from their lives to coaching elite athletes with their nutrition. Her unquestionable ability to relate to her clients and get them to successfully apply her coaching recommendations and lessons into real life comes from her over 16 years in the fitness industry, over 14 years of coaching, and her own life experiences: 8 years of struggling with food and body image, the loss and re-discovery of herself, reclaiming personal happiness, finding ownership of her life, therapy, divorce, and her fight to make healthy eating have true inner purpose in her life are lessons that she transmits into her coaching to transform people’s lives.
  • Institute for the Psychology of Eating
  • BS Nutrition Science
  • Licensed Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Facilitator
  •  ENW Certified Exercise Nutrition Specialist 
  •  Certified Weight Management Consulting Agent
  •  Former Professional Athlete (IFBB Figure Pro)
Diet Freedom University IS:
  • An empowering, positive solution, experience, and answer to why all other programs have failed you when it comes to healing your   relationship with food and stepping into the highest expression of who you were meant to be in this world!
  • ​Over 13 years of professional coaching, education, and experience transformed into a HOW-TO step-by-step process to help you put an end to your lifelong struggles with food. This is the EXACT same training used in tandem with Shelby McDaniel's personal coaching   clients.
  • ​80% of the power behind finding peace with food, long-term weight loss, and body love.
  • ​A safe, loving space for learning, practicing, exploring, nurturing, and growing
  • ​A low-fee opportunity to work with expert Shelby McDaniel and was created SPECIFICALLY to get more help into the hands of those who need it most in the midst of this rising epidemic of disordered eating. 
Diet Freedom University is NOT:
  • A "quick fix" or "magic pill". Anyone who sells you something "easy" is lying and you should run very far away from them so you don't get burned, again. 
  • ​A stressful, oxymoronic weight loss program where you find short term results but then fall off the band wagon later. We focus on real solutions to your destructive eating habits that are causing weight gain and body disconnect in the first place! 
  • ​For people who want to continue using same broken tactics and getting same band-aid results instead of being open and trusting of a process that is full of soul lessons and thought-provoking insight, guidance, strategies and practices to help you make peace with whatever hardships you are facing with food and body. 
  •  A list of "hacks" or "quick tips". If that worked, then any nutrition article on the internet would've solved all your problems by now.
  • ​A meal plan, tracking plan, points plan, or diet because you REALLY need another one of those, right?
How Does it work?
Once you signup you will be prompted to setup your own personal DFU account login. There you will have access to all of the materials to get started as soon as you want. You can go as fast or as slow as you want and can start whenever you want. There is no rush and no worries if you miss a week of new material here and there. Everything is at your own pace and on your own time. 
Do I have to weigh myself?
No! In fact, most DFU students end up ditching the scales FOREVER.
Is there a diet or meal plan I have to follow?
No, this is NOT a diet. We DO talk about nutrition and how to find a flexible, nourishing rhythm and structure with your eating but without all the drama, time, and negativity!
What kind of results should I expect?
True, honest, sustainable results, that's what! Everyone comes into the program with different challenges, from binge eating, overeating, food obsessions, and more. So "success" is defined different per person. One's "success" could be reducing their binge eating by 80-100% within 12 weeks, while another finds success in learning how to quiet their mean, negative, self-critical mind about themselves and their body. 
What if I find I need more personal support?
Sometimes, we just need a little more support, and you know what? That's perfectly OK! You can always inquire about Shelby's personal results coaching at any time and discuss your options. We'll even apply your total purchase for DFU towards any coaching fees! 
I'm worried I'll just eat everything without a diet...
Completely understandable, and this is because that's all you know. It's ok. Shelby will walk you through how to begin to trust yourself, your body, and break your dependency on diets, tracking, or any other "rules" that are keeping you stuck and are in your way of achieving true food freedom! 
Absolute Satisfaction Guarantee: 
You literally have nothing to lose! DFU will 100% work If you continue to practice (without aiming for perfection!) and take a little time every week or every other week tuning into the training. If you decide the program isn't a good fit for you, we will refund your money!
What More Clients Are Saying...
Michael B
 "Felt Hopeless Until I Met Shelby..."

I have been struggling with a unhealthy relationship with food & body image for the better part of almost 20 years. I could not find anyone to help until Shelby came into my life. I was very depressed and felt hopeless until we started talking. Once I stated her program and watched her videos, almost every block or message spoke to my own personal struggles. Today I have a new sense of self and neither food or my weight continue to control me. If you are struggling with food and your own self-worth through food, she can definitely help you.
Lori A
Not Worried About Weight Anymore!
I am so much calmer personality wise because I no longer have the stress of food and dieting and I am no longer even worried about my weight!

Mimi V
"Lost over 100lbs... "

I now have learned everything that I need to continue this healthy lifestyle I am fully aware that eating this often daily is actually not making me gain weight but helping me lose it because my metabolism is in high gear finally. At 170 pounds and a size 8-10 I have never felt better about myself. The confidence I have now is such an amazing feeling. I thank Shelby for everything that she has taught me during my journey….the knowledge I’ve gained has no price tag. I’m finally happy, healthy and living life to my fullest potential!
Rachael B
"No longer worry about food..."

I truly feel like everything has changed for me! I’ve been working out at least 4 times a week and I actually want to work out (most of the time ha!). I no longer worry about food or calories and love how much freedom I have now! It really is life changing what you taught me. It’s so true that when you live an active lifestyle and keep balance you really don’t have to pay much attention to calories, fat etc. Everyone working with you is so lucky! Thank you for everything! 
Katie H
"So much more than diet freedom..."
I began to make some shifts in my thinking that led me to where I am today – diet freedom – but so much more than that. Today I make food choices that make me feel good. Nothing is off limits but I am empowered to make good choices for my body... I also made the choice to quit drinking alcohol – and this was definitely not something I believed was possible before. Now I see it as a healthy choice that I welcomed into my life and not as something I’m sacrificing for weight loss or any other reason.

In the end I did lose weight. I gave away my scale, but I’m measuring progress by how my favorite clothes fit. But there is far more that happened than weight loss. I gained confidence. I lost my chronic heartburn and stomach issues. I was able to leave an unhealthy romantic relationship. My time management is so much better – and I have routines that I created that are important to me and that I choose to follow through with.

Working with Shelby changed my life and opened up my world so much.
Mary M
"Pivitol step in healing journey..."
I’ve struggled with an unhealthy relationship with food and binge eating disorder for over twenty-five years. I didn’t know if I could ever truly have a healthy relationship with food, but now I know that I ABSOLUTELY CAN! Working with Shelby was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself. The program is free of harmful ‘diet’ culture and full of tools to help you peel back the layers of your beliefs about food in order to heal and have a much healthier relationship with food. Now that negative thoughts regarding food have lessened significantly thanks to my work with Shelby, I have a lot more time to do the things that bring me joy. My quality of life has improved immensely.
Amy H
"Truly a healing journey..." 

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, negative body image, and feeling helpless, Shelby’s amazing guidance has truly helped me heal. Gone are the obsessive diets, the fear of failure, and the self-loathing that followed every slip up. Shelby has taught me how to finally take charge and live my best life every step of the way. Shelby – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I am a beautiful work in progress and I wouldn’t be where I am today without your patience and care!
Karen L
"This progress can't be measured..."

I have a lot of positive things to say regarding all we've done together and gosh I feel truly so much better, more empowered and honestly, just a better woman all the way around. I'm better able to care for myself, I think and am better able to say "no" (to food and people) as I'm so much more in touch with what feels healthy which is different from a judgment of right or wrong - words carry weight. Shelby, I've spent a lifetime living for what other people think, for approval. That hasn't changed overnight but I am aware how that holds me back and keeps me from being a better version of me. I can make conscious decisions that benefit me because I'm the gatekeeper. And when I'm coming from that place I feel better because I'm caring for myself and I'm so wayyyy better to be nice and giving to others. "I'm the gatekeeper" is a huge gift. This progress can't be measured. 
Jamie F
"I'll never forget working with you..."

I was so restrictive and hard on myself to look a certain way. I am happy to say that is no longer the case. Nutrition didn’t continue to be a job anymore. It became fuel. I use healthy and whole foods to power through my workouts which allow me to gain strength and recover. I notice that I smile more and have begun enjoying the small things. Getting to work with you will be something I will never forget, so thank you!
Megan R
"It Changed My Life"
 I feel confident in my ability to make conscious food choices and know that it is totally within my control to continue this journey and relationship with food. I want to thank you so much for your guidance and love through this process. This is the best money I have ever spent on myself and it truly was a lifetime investment. The tools you offered me and your unwavering support have given me more than I could’ve ever dreamt. I am preparing to go to grad school to be a nurse anesthetist (as you know) and I see such a change in myself. I don’t think I would’ve gotten into grad school, nor even taken the leap to apply if it weren’t for how your program changed my life. It sounds super generic to say “it changed my life”.... but it did! I am a happier, more content version of myself. I actually like who I am and I now have the ability to self-reflect, which is the true measure of a successful person. Literally have tears in my eyes writing this because (even though we never met in person) I feel like you are my soul sister. You are such a bright light and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate who you are. There is a spot on the Berlin Wall that reads, “Many small people, in many small places, do many small things, that can alter the face of the world.” And that’s what you’re doing! You’re changing people and your work has changed my world. From my whole-heart to yours- thank you for what you do and who you are, Shelby! 
Madelyn S
"Instrumental in my nutritional mental reset."

Shelby was instrumental in helping me identify some unhealthy nutritional habits I had developed and gave me the tools to change them. Without her insight and knowledge I don’t think I would be in the healthy state I am today, she truly provides the perfect environment to explore and dig deep. For me it was instrumental in improving my health, always persistent and never judging I would highly recommend her to anyone needing a nutritional mental reset.
Hayley W
"You made my war with food end.."

I just want to truly thank you for your support with everything. Prior to working with your coaching, I had been ignoring my health. It was easier to ignore taking care of my body and mind and focus on work then others. Today, I can truly say I put me first then everyone/thing else. I can look at food as nutrition versus comfort or the enemy. I have incorporated new foods, recipes, and lifestyles that I ENJOY! It’s no longer a stressful experience to manage my relationship food. You have made a BATTLE/WAR with food and my body end after 20 years! Thank you for everything you have done for me! You have truly changed my life and future! 
Laurie B
"I found my life again..."

I knew this training would provide the missing piece of the puzzle I have looked for through my MANY years of yo-yo weight loss/weight gain. And Shelby and her course have not disappointed. Shelby’s knowledge in this area is only outdone by her coaching skills, which are exemplary. She not only lays the path to “diet freedom,” but she keeps you on that path with gentle “course corrections” when needed and a continual re-focus on the positive within yourself. I have not only found that missing piece of the puzzle, I have found my life again. Thank you, Shelby!
Ingrid D
"Shelby is a phenomenal coach..." 

I absolutely love working with Shelby – she is a phenomenal coach: extremely knowledgeable, not just when it comes to nutrition and exercising, but also when it comes to the “human factor.” She has such a wonderful, positive approach and I’ve learned a whole new way to look at eating, nutrition and exercising, and how all these aspects of a healthy lifestyle are interlinked, what works and what doesn’t work for me personally and I am so excited about having the ability to be completely in control of where I go from here. Thank you Shelby! 
Lisa S
"Redefined my relationship with food" 
If I could give everyone a gift this year, it would be a few months to work with Shelby McDaniel. She is truly inspiring and helped me completely redefine my relationship with food and my body image. The help she provides is worth every penny!
Aggie B
"It was amazing..."

I worked with Shelby for a under a year. It was amazing – I finally felt like someone was LISTENING – she took into consideration – my lifestyle, lack of time, that I was an athlete, me being a mother over 40 with two small kids, the fact that I LOVED chocolate. She taught me how to eat, how not to feel guilty, to enjoy the foods that I love, how not to say “NO” but to say “YES” – and to listen to your body when it says – “I’m good – we don’t need anymore”. You have really given me all the tools I need to stay healthy and feel great (and look it too – for an almost 50 year old).
"It's Nice to Be Hopeful Again!"
Click Below to Get Your Forever Results...
RESULTS DISCLAIMER: We don't believe in "diet programs" or "quick fix" solutions - only in hard work and commitment. My programs are intended to help you heal your personal food and body struggles so you can be happy, healthy, and live a fulfilling life!  Our programs take a lot of work and discipline just like any worthwhile endeavor or self-help continuing education program. Please don't enroll in our programs if you believe in the "quick fix" myth or ideology; we only want serious people dedicated to real personal development who want to add value and move humanity forward. As stipulated by law, we can not and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. More time and personal support may be needed.  We don't know you and your unique situation, agreed? We just want to help by giving great content, direction, and strategies. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction; we give you a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy for any reason with the quality of our training, just ask for your money back. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results and we do not offer any legal, medical, professional counseling, or other professional advice. You alone are responsible and accountable for your decisions, actions and results in life, and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time, under any circumstance. Anyway, all of our terms, privacy policies and disclaimers for this program and website can be accessed via the link below. It's basic stuff -- but we feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That's why we also put our disclaimers on all our pages, why we give you our contact information for any questions, and why we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you in the support community soon!
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"But What If I End Up Needing More Support?"
One of the biggest questions I get, and a perfectly valid one!
  • ​Honestly, I hope this training gives you everything you need and it very well may do so as it has for many. Sometimes though, deep wounds can call for needing a deeper level support, especially during an intensive transition period in one's life. It's important you know that needing a deeper level of support is perfectly ok, and there is no shame in that.
  • ​If you need more support I will deduct any payments towards Diet Freedom University from any future coaching fees if you are looking to partner up with me. And if we do end up working together, you'll be primed and ready and ahead of most of my personal coaching clients! So consider this course a "heads start" in that regard that will carry you no where but forward from where you're at right now with your eating! You have nothing to lose. 
  •  Understanding the above gives you the opportunity to move forward at your own pace and level of my involvement you are personally and financially comfortable with. That being said, if in this moment you already know you want coaching and prefer coaching, please schedule a call with me today
From the desk and heart of Shelby McDaniel

Dear Friend,

I'll never forget how I use to struggle with food, waking up daily letting what I ate the day before or how I felt about my body that morning dictate how how much I enjoyed my life. Can we say....depressed?
I was an obsessed meal and nutrition watcher as far back as high school. Fast forward to me entering the fitness world as a professional athlete and nutrition field as a nutrition consultant and boy was the pressure REAL to have the perfect diet and the perfect body. (Because the perfect body = happiness, confidence, no problems, success, people will love me, right?) 

I was imprisoned by my own 24-7 exhaustive restrictive dieting, bingeing, and toxic body image beliefs, regardless of how much I intellectually knew about health and nutrition. 

This time of year during the holidays always reminds me of the dark times in my relationship with food, wanting to avoid every party so I wasn't triggered to think about food, and deathly fearful I was of gaining weight. The distrust, the guilt and shame, the obnoxious disconnect from the true powerful me.

It also reminds me of how far I've come...

Today as a wounded healer I am blessed to have taken my own pain, suffering, and challenges of my own dysfunctional relationship with food and use it to help men and women over the last 12 years escape their own life-long food and weight struggles. 

I've had the privilege to work with so many, but unfortunately not everyone, regardless of how much I truly want to, and regardless of how much my potential client wants to because (just being transparent) not everyone is able to afford my personal coaching services. If there's any down side to owning your own business, it's this. 

I've actually tossed and turned about this at night for a long time, it really bothered me, but honestly I just didn't know what to do.

Ironically over the last few months I've been getting more and more emails from individuals asking me,
"Shelby is there anything you can still do to help me but without the higher price tag of your coaching programs?"

These emails were like the signs of all signs that I HAVE to do something because I know the pain of those I cannot help, and I know without my help they won't improve on their own and will continue to suffer. Every email I get reminds me of me, when I was in that dark place, feeling desperate, confused, not knowing where to turn and who to trust. 

So I put the petal to the metal brainstorming, creating, and publishing 24-7, and I am happy and proud to present to you Diet Freedom University, an effective, budget-friendly training program that serves as an alternative option to my group and one-to-one intensive coaching programs. 
This will help you move forward in healing your relationship with food no matter how long you've been struggling. 
Diet Freedom University is literally the training center I use in parallel with all of my personal clients in my coaching programs! It's the video trainings, handouts, application assignments, practices, skill-building exercises, and I'm giving you full access! 

But...this is an EXCLUSIVE offer!

So don't stay stuck and do nothing! Start taking steps toward making eating feel easy and simple again, set yourself up for sustainable weight loss or weight maintenance, and most importantly, start living a fulfilling life that you so deserve. 

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, I'm so grateful!